Working Basic Principle Of Vacuum Glove Box

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Vacuum glove box as a precision devices, the general principle is:

The vacuum glove box procedure is a laboratory tools that fills a significant-purity inert gasoline into a shut box and circulates and filters out active substances (the two h2o and oxygen can arrive at below 1PPM) by the purification program.

It is primarily composed of cabinet, rack, transition cabin, gasoline purification program, PLC computerized command procedure, etc.

It primarily gets rid of O2, H2O and natural gases.

Ideal for ultra-pure natural environment devoid of drinking water, oxygen and dust. These kinds of as: lithium-ion batteries and vac glovebox resources, semiconductors, super capacitors, exclusive lamps, laser welding, brazing, and many others.

For Etelux vacuum glove packing containers, we can do:

The glove box is made for closed circulation to help you save operating expenses. Less than typical circumstances, that is, a regular temperature of 20oC, a typical atmospheric force, an inert gasoline source of 99.999%, the water and oxygen indicators are all significantly less than 1 ppm

The 304 stainless metal plate is applied for the box and the transition cabin, and the front window is tempered glass, which is wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant

Contact monitor PLC regulate, high degree of automation, can be realized: computerized regulate of gas tension in the box, computerized cleaning of the environment in the box, automated regeneration of purified products, automatic recording of program procedure knowledge, etc.

People can pick numerous extras on the regular glove box according to real wants: h2o analyzer, oxygen analyzer, solvent adsorber, fridge superior temperature heating system, laser welding machine, and so forth.